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Probate Court Judges MCJE Records:


Directions: Below are buttons to ICJE's online Probate MCJE records. When you click the buttons below, the records will appear in the form of a read-only Adobe pdf document. The documents contain no identifying information except each person's identification number. The records are listed in numerical order sorted by identification number. Simply scroll down to find your number and then read across to find your records.

Last Update:  12/18/2017

Legend: Below are the column headers that you will view on the Probate Court Judges document and what each stands for:

  • ICJE # - Your assigned identification number by the ICJE.
  • ICJE-Sp - ICJE Spring Probate Judges
  • ICJE-Fl - ICJE Fall Probate Judges
  • ICJE-PbClk - ICJE Probate Clerks; max credit of 3 hours.
  • COAG-W- COAG Winter
  • COAG-Sm - COAG Summer
  • COAG-Fl - COAG Fall
  • ICJE-Tfc - ICJE Traffic; max 9 hours.
  • NCPCJ - National College of Probate Court Judges; max credit of 5 hours.
  • NJC - National Judicial College; max credit of 5 hours.
  • ICJE -Mag- ICJE Magistrate; max credit of 5 hours.
  • ICJE -Mun- ICJE Municipal; max credit of 5 hours.
  • GA-Elct - GA Elections; max credit of 3 hours.
  • GA-VR - GA Vital Records; max credit of 3 hours.
  • ICLE-FdLw - ICLE Fiduciary Law; max credit of 3 hours.
  • TOTAL - Total number of hours.
  • Cert? - Certification status Re: Annual Requirement - complete or insufficient.
  For questions relating to your actual Probate Court MCJE status please contact:
Missy Tolbert
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